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Oppi Documentation

Oppi is a state-of-the-art, advanced WordPress theme for building any kind of app landing page or app showcase website. It can be used to build websites of any kind of app related startup like social media, health, finance, education, business and almost all other apps.

System Requirements

To use Oppi you need to have a WordPress 4.0


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How to use WooCommerce with Donority (products, settings)? WooCommerce configuration

Change Logs

----- 3.3.4 ( 22 March 2021) ----- Added: Droit Elementor


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Tips / Troubleshoots

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Oppi WordPress theme uses the most popular and fastest free WordPress

Widgets / Sidebars

The theme supports a single location sidebar area. The name

Getting Started

To use Oppi WordPress theme you must have WordPress engine installed. We

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